An Officer’s Personal Tragedy

Recently when an officer arrived at a vehicle accident as a first responder, he realized that it was his bride who had lost her life in the accident.

It was a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy Wayne Browder who discovered the body of his bride.  She worked as a nurse at Clarendon Memorial Hospital.  She was only 45.


“Today was indeed a very tragic day for one of our own, along with our entire team, as we witness one of our family members dealing with the loss of a spouse,” Sheriff Anthony Dennis stated. “We certainly ask that you keep the Browder family in your prayers as they endure this incredible tragedy.”

Apparently, investigators found that the driver of an SUV had gone across the center line and then struck two vehicles and Browder’s vehicle was then hit head-on.

Incidents like this are certainly a tragedy and the reality is that it could happen to any of us at any time.  It is just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It certainly makes a good case for carrying life insurance on yourself and your spouse.  People tend to underestimate the time they will need to grieve the loss of a close loved one such as a spouse.  Whether you want to work or not soon after the loss of a spouse, the reality is that you are traumatized and you don’t have all of your wits about you and this can impact your everyday ability to function.

If you are reading this, our hearts go out to this family and the tragedy they are enduring.

“Let it be a reminder that you need to maintain life insurance in the event of the unthinkable,” states best insurance agency Simpsonsville owner, Shannon Harvey.


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